Welcome to GFCA

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Administrator's Welcome,


Greater Faith Christian Academy (GFCA) is committed to spiritual formation and to the development of social and academic excellence in young people. Excellence can be attained with the cooperation and dedication of the three principal partners in a student's education: parent, school, and student. The level of effort and dedication put forth by these three partners will ultimately determine each student's level of success at GFCA.

Our mutual goal is your child's success. Because GFCA cannot guarantee success for every student, it is critical to set forth in this covenant an understanding of our mission and our intention to do our best for each student. Accordingly, through this covenant between GFCA and parents, we mutually pledge to strive to meet the expectations listed below:

  • Povide a community that is Christ-centered, safe, and supportive.

  • To provide academic, social, and spiritual challenges that encourage learning and promote continual growth and improvement.

  • To keep parents informed of their children's progress through frequent report cards and conferences.

  • To work closely with families to assist with the personal and social development of each child in the years of early childhood.

  • To provide opportunities to learn independently.

  • To work for the benefit and growth of the school community through regular parent meetings.



​​Kara Washington Harris, Ph.D.
​Head of School